Making business affordable

Siemens Financial Services Limited is a leading provider of innovative finance solutions to UK businesses and public sector organisations. With more than 250,000 customers, we have arranged finance for 90 of the current FTSE 100 companies and more than 50% of NHS trusts and local authorities. Our financial solutions range from £1500 to many millions.

Siemens recognise the importance in working closely with business partners where a strong understanding of the sector in which their partners operate is gained. As a major finance partner with Apogee Corporation, a clear insight into their business and strategy enables us to combine both our superior industry knowledge with technological advancements to offer innovative solutions to suit all customer needs.

Throughout these more challenging economic times, Siemens continue to work closely with Apogee to continue to drive growth through an innovative approach.  Whether this is through new bespoke products or combined solutions, Siemens ensure that our customers can embrace technological change within operational and budgetary requirements.

Working in close alignment with Apogee, we can consistently demonstrate our expertise and the skills essential in a successful business partnership to help our customers achieve their growth targets as well as enhance their competitiveness.